Reviews of OMM tapes (Dense Reduction, Knit Prism)

Thank you Jeff Daily, at, for having a listen, and reviewing two recent tapes on the Offices of Moore & Moore.

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Dense Reduction “Aina Exchange” and Knit Prism (OMM)


The Offices of Moore & Moore is a label I know nothing about and I like it that way. One evening I came home from work to discover a package containing two tapes housed in attractive, what I call “books on tape,” cases with obtuse art addressed to me from OMM. The first cassette I popped in my player was by a duo who call themselves Dense Reduction. The album, Aina Exchange, features a picture of a curious cat (named Zeus according to the credits) in a dark cluttered living room or office space on its cover. This gives little indication of the noise sculpting contained within. I was utterly mystified by the artwork and its playful, almost Jandekian photo. Dense Reduction’s music isn’t particularly playful, though its not aggro-freaky either. I loved the music for the snapping hiss and single focused density. The second side of the tape wasn’t as packed with sound info, but it made me appreciate the overall effort. There’s only 40 of these bad boys out there so I suggest some investigation is in your future.

Time is funny thing. It can move fast or appear to crawl by at a snail’s pace. Knit Prism seem to prefer the slow side of life. Sub Sub Sub sonic textures dominate both sides of the thirty plus minute affair here. The tape has two side long compositions, titled “Prosper the Copper Crow” and “Appropriate Measures,” respectively. Each composition has keyboard drones buried in the slow sludge murk of low end frequencies. This definitely isn’t speeding music. This is narco-haze and I found it fit a late night listen a little too well. It creeped me out, but not in knife toting coked up clown kinda way. The artwork for this cassette, also contained in a case similar to that of the Dense Reduction release, features crayon and pencil drawings of random objects such as a jar of mustard, reading glasses, an ashtray, and feet. Don’t ask me what it all means.

Excavacations – Object Permanence preview (Weird Forest Records)

New Excavacations video

A nice video featuring music by Excavacations.

New D. Vassalotti 12″

The record on Vinyl Rites, and this video are so good:

Excavacations / Black Eagle Child split tape available now

We are proud to have a new split tape with Black Eagle Child on Paramita. Great batch, musically and visually (check out the impressive razor work).


“Black Eagle Child and Excavacations both stand out for the pristine clarity of their carefully sculpted, immaculately mixed music. Black Eagle Child crafts sweet, pastoral dreams, the kind of ambient that can function well as background music while rewarding a more careful listen. Excavacations designs a sidelong journey, full of digressions but always moving in one direction, with a soaring payoff at the end.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted high-bias chrome cassettes. Professionally printed, full-color, hand-scored artwork, cutouts and insert by Joe Baldwin. Limited edition of 100.
$7 USA, $8 Canada, $10 International.
Batch with PAR001, PAR002, PAR003 for $18 USA, $20 Canada, $22 International.
Paypal to:, leave a note to tell us what you’re ordering!”


Earth live video from What the Heck Fest 2011

Beat Jab review of Afternoon Future by Excavacations

Visit link above to here audio review, that includes song excerpts. Visit the blog for this review and many others, .

You have to be patient with this stuff, no doubt. But if you are patient — patient the way you have to be when you’re listening to an orchestra take on a masterpiece – you’ll find yourself rewarded. Layers peel back and you start hearing noises and effects you didn’t hear before. It’s picaresque. The album moves quickly from style to style, with so many noises humming behind tremendous, beautiful melodies. Sparse arrangements yield up to lush waves of sound.

The product of a long-distance music-making adventure, this album is experimental without putting anyone off, and it’s poppy without being saccharine. Voices come and go, conjuring echoes of Dylan and Rob Pollard. Wisely, these two talented musicians never let any one sound overwhelm another.

Best of all, Excavacations don’t take themselves too seriously. Why else would they end this album (released on cassette tape, nonetheless) with a bizarre narration about two balloonists trying to evade a tempest and a flock of angry geese?

It’s weird stuff, yeah. There’s a story here, but it’s enigmatic. It’s a mystery that wants to be solved. Who are these people? What’s going on? There are few answers but plenty of satisfaction in searching.

Click here to download this week’s official Beat Jab Podcast, featuring Excavacations’ “Afternoon Future.”

And if you like what you hear, click here to visit Excavacations’ label, Avant Archive. Along with the Excavacations album you’ll find plenty of great, independently made music (most of it available digitally and on cassette tape). “Afternoon Future” is currently out of print on tape, but they are offering a digital download for $3.

Excavacations live shows 7/21–23

We are pleased to be joining Garrincha and the Stolen Elk (Weird Forest Records) on three stops of their current U.S. tour.

July 21 – Phoenix, AZ @ Yellow Canary Dance Hall w/ Sungsang
July 22 – San Luis Obispo, CA @ house show w/ Buk Buk Bigups
July 23 – Oakland, CA @ Fingerlings Grotto w/ Ava Mendoza/Nick Tamburro Duo

Memory Lane

I’m scanning every bus stop
Looking to see
If I can spot
the things that I read about
in the books that I read
Living side by side
like I never have before
surrounded by preoccupation
howling and hunting
as I hurry through

-excerpt from Memory Lane on forthcoming Excavacations split with Black Eagle Child on Paramita

Lucid Owls’ review of Excavacations S/T Stunned release

A very kind review:

Excavacations is weird. Not in the sense of weird like ‘wtf is happening now?’
Instead, it’s like
‘what the fuck did they just go from drone plethora to indie rock?’
And not in the mashup kind of way either that artists like pocahaunted and now new robedoor do. I guess i could throw in the rest of NNF label.
In general this is different from that. While i could without a doubt see Nnf putting out a more grown up release by these guys, they are too strange for most regular indie listeners, and too mainstream for the regular eclectic tape fanatic (at parts).
I’m really bewildered why it didn’t get much attention though. Even if i just explained why, maybe it did and i don’t know. Anyway. At times they go from deep and massive washes of sound with percussions. Then occasionally they fall into a something that resembles a song. Then they make indie pop songs. And the songs. Well they are actually great. These guys could seriously make indie songs instead and end up getting mass blog appeal slash woodsist signing.
On the second side, there are less pop songs, but the song that comes out sounds like what would happen when Animal Collective and Noel Gallager started jamming in a basement, and you were only left outside wondering how the hell it would sound, just making out bits.
I haven’t listened to it a lot, it’s a substantial length, but I am expecting it to be on regular.
They just got a tape out on Avant Archive which should be great considering the band has changed all that much within the span of two years.
Also, I find this to be a great release coinciding with my last post on Oli Oli Oxen Free. The albums are a lot different, with Oli Oli Oxen Free more on the pop side, but they both seem to be pushing the boundaries of when and where drone can be used and in amount. I know that there are ambient tracks along lots of albums, but their noiser and denser tracks are better then those on most ‘albums’. And the songs are great too. Idk enough of this.

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