We have been listening to, and enjoying, a lot of Talvihorros in recent months. Below is a great mix that he put together. The first track is a solo guitar piece by Talvihorros; and we are excited at OMM to be preparing to release a c30 of similar work in the near future.

Talvihorros – “Last Night Again You Were in My Dreams”

Listen here, http://www.mixcloud.com/FluidRadio/talvihorros-last-night-again-you-were-in-my-dreams/


Here I present a mix of tracks that have been played and enjoyed by me over the last 6 months or so. During this time I was busy writing and recording my latest album ‘Music In Four Movements’, when im working on an album or project for an extended period of time the amount i listen to music decreases somewhat and takes on a different role all together. Despite this there were certain tracks or artists that i used almost as a palette cleanser – clearing my head from the sounds and ideas bouncing around in there.

You may also notice a quite a few tracks from films which again was a good way to unwind or find inspiration throughout this period. Ive also used this opportunity to collect together a couple of unreleased tracks I recorded over the last few months – one a cover i did of the twin peaks soundtrack, the other track is an excerpt from a live recording i made using just an electric guitar and effects pedals straight into a computer.


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