Excavacations / Black Eagle Child split tape available now

We are proud to have a new split tape with Black Eagle Child on Paramita. Great batch, musically and visually (check out the impressive razor work).

From paramitarecordings.com

“Black Eagle Child and Excavacations both stand out for the pristine clarity of their carefully sculpted, immaculately mixed music. Black Eagle Child crafts sweet, pastoral dreams, the kind of ambient that can function well as background music while rewarding a more careful listen. Excavacations designs a sidelong journey, full of digressions but always moving in one direction, with a soaring payoff at the end.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted high-bias chrome cassettes. Professionally printed, full-color, hand-scored artwork, cutouts and insert by Joe Baldwin. Limited edition of 100.
$7 USA, $8 Canada, $10 International.
Batch with PAR001, PAR002, PAR003 for $18 USA, $20 Canada, $22 International.
Paypal to: kdwade@gmail.com, leave a note to tell us what you’re ordering!”


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