An ‘istory of the OMM

NL & CA after Torah study circa 2004

OMM, you say?

CA and NL first met while studying Reaganomics at the Remedial Center for the Arts in Des Moines. After being assigned to work on the same nativity scene, similar interests were discovered and the label was born. However, NL’s subsequent admittance and move to the Cordon Bleu Chef School in Birmingham made it difficult to collaborate. This changed when he was rendered partially blind during an oystering class and decided to work on the label full time, moving to Phoenix to do so.

While NL was cooking, CA had struck up a romantic friendship with John Cage and Merce Cunningham, eventually moving in with John after Merce’s death in ’86. Both Merce and John had been enthusiastic about the idea of the label, with each of them contributing ringtones that were never released due to personal reasons. When John heard that NL had quit chef school, it was insisted that CA move to Santa Barbara to both help NL and be further away from everyone.

Since then, not much has happened. But can you believe this weather we’re having?

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