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Sky Stadium – ‘a perfect view’

I’m completely excited to say that not one but TWO albums by Sky Stadium will be released alongside ol’ Talvi in the next OMM batch. Both are so excellent, as comforting as walking on the carpet you’ve had for years. Feels just like it. Equally as cool as all that is the video that Samantha Gurry made for one of SS’s songs, a perfect view. Enjoy.

via Sky Stadium – \\\’a perfect view\\\’ on Vimeo.



Inspired Bicycles – Danny MacAskill April 2009.

This video highlights something I love to see in any field: quiet skill. It immediately made me think of Rodney Mullen. My favorite thing about him is how much he loves the simple mechanics of skateboarding. What he does with a board is never X-TREME, it’s just so skilled. I can’t praise this enough, whether your a skater, musician, electrician, gardener, etc. A well developed skill, so long as it is not maligned, is one of the most worthwhile things I can think of.

Nick and I were talking about this in music recently, when you can see someone so steeped in knowledge that most anything they do is a well-informed, well-executed display of skill. That’s what I want to see. Tom Waits comes to mind. Steve Martin, Ian MacKellan, Thomas Pynchon, Richard Feynman, Carrot Top…


Swervedriver – I Could Sleep for 1,000 Years.

Those in the know already know that Excavacations offered you this chance last December on Stunned, for far less than $29.99. Write your congress men and women to let them know that once you wake up you’re not gonna stand for this.

Novachord Restoration Project

Novachord Restoration Project.

A pretty unreal restoration process of a Hammond Novachord from 1940. I was turned onto this page by grobbingthistle over at, so let me send some thanks that way. It’s an incredibly cool project and instrument. Who knew there were all-tube synths being made back in 1938?? Not me.

It sounds incredible. About as “big” as I’ve ever heard and sooooo open. It took me a long time to understand tubes, only developed an ear for the sound in the past couple of years. Sure wish I hadn’t waited that long. An appreciation of warmed up tubes and that clean open sound… so nice. One of my favorite things to hear at this point. Anyways, check this bad boy out.

Prop 8 Closing Arguments

Prop 8 closing arguments are being held today in SF. I’m not holding my breath that it’ll be overturned, mostly because it’s still so far from being over. It’s gonna go from this court, to a bigger court, to the SCOTUS. I think I’ll be glad when we give up this democracy/republic and go back to freedom.

Hawaii’s governor is debating on a same-sex civil union bill this week. If she signs, it’s law, if she vetoes, it’s dead.

In other news, Rush Limbaugh recently upheld the sanctity of marriage for the third time, with Elton John singing and mega church homo hatin’ Rev. Ken Hutcherson officiating. The three met through a social network of celebrities who have done nothing worthwhile since the late 70’s.

Cough Cool

Cough Cool on MySpace Music

Really digging this, got turned onto it today by Dr. Roman of Sky Stadium (which I also happen to be digging at the moment. A future OMM tape??). Have a listen and enjoy your summer.

Sidenote: If you haven’t quoted Spicolli today, why not?

How do they get to be that way?

How do they get to be that way? – Roger Ebert\’s Journal.

I don’t think anyone was listening to Ebert like this until he stopped being able to speak. One of my major fantasies used to be that I could speak in writing and never be misunderstood again. Murakami says that he absolutely cannot think clearly unless he writes everything out. I know that feeling but rarely have the patience. Rereading just these sentences makes me think maybe I should just stay silent altogether.

Starting……… NOW!