Cough Cool

Cough Cool on MySpace Music

Really digging this, got turned onto it today by Dr. Roman of Sky Stadium (which I also happen to be digging at the moment. A future OMM tape??). Have a listen and enjoy your summer.

Sidenote: If you haven’t quoted Spicolli today, why not?


yuba river weekend

I’m not in this video but I sure wish I were. Tough to beat watching your friends having a good time, bein’ all cute & shit.

yuba river weekend on Vimeo on Vimeo

The Present

“Each thing you do is only once…”
“…even the same thing you film again, another take, it’s always something different…so shooting always reminds me that there’s only the present.”

-Jim Jarmusch

Tetsuya Ishida

Surrealistic paintings by Tetsuya Ishida

Tetsuya Ishida ::: Pink Tentacle.

Henry McCausland

Go to his website.

How do they get to be that way?

How do they get to be that way? – Roger Ebert\’s Journal.

I don’t think anyone was listening to Ebert like this until he stopped being able to speak. One of my major fantasies used to be that I could speak in writing and never be misunderstood again. Murakami says that he absolutely cannot think clearly unless he writes everything out. I know that feeling but rarely have the patience. Rereading just these sentences makes me think maybe I should just stay silent altogether.

Starting……… NOW!

Fanboyism and Brand Loyalty

Fanboyism and Brand Loyalty « You Are Not So Smart.