Oil Spill Photos

It’s not just BP, this is what oil is plain and simple. Don’t just get your gas somewhere else, get a bike.

Caught in the oil – The Big Picture – Boston.com.


74 Democrats sold you out to AT&T

74 Democrats sold you out to AT&T.

Bummer, man.

Animals of Joshua Tree by Patrick Cullis

Patrick Cullis is currently working from a firehouse garage just outside of Joshua Tree, launching weather balloons more than 100,000 ft. into the air for no good reason. When he’s not monitoring ozone, he’s taking pictures and videos with one stellar camera and three to three-and-a-half feet of lenses. Check out more of his posts on his blog, Calvinball.

via Animals of Joshua Tree on Vimeo.

“Anywhere that people are doing art”

Works by Picasso and Matisse Stolen From Paris Museum – NYTimes.com

Thankfully, though, all OMM stock was left untouched, proving once again that both thieves and high society (I can’t tell a difference) have no taste.

Authorities have turned to the one man they can trust to reclaim the artwork. You guessed it:

Frank Stallone.

I knew it was a hoax

Right from the very beginning.

More & More Moore & Moore

This blog is an official release of OMM. It’s the album that isn’t. The one that keeps on playing. See, we’ve been thinking about some things, tossing the ol’ idea pigskin around, as they (the Russians) like to say. Ended up deciding we should be more active with the label and with our general interests, and so we said, “Hey, our office door is always open.”

So, with a sweeping hand gesture and impossibly low bow, we invite you in.

In case the intro wasn’t clear enough, this is a cat blog now.