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Afternoon Future by Excavacations available now on Avant Archive

Our new Excavacations tape is available now, at , along with a new one by Ajilvsga. Visit Avant Archive for sound samples and purchase info/links.

Afternoon Future description via label:

Afternoon Future
AA008CS :: Cassette
Duration: 35 minutes

Pop music isn’t what it used to be. Excavacations know this as well as anyone, and you’ll know it too when you find yourself tapping your foot suddenly after emerging from a murky fog of sustained guitars and synthesizers. Chad Parsons & Nicholas Longworth’s increasingly signature stamp onto the musical underground is unmistakably playful, but don’t miss the signposts pointing back in time, and (it hardly bears mentioning) don’t miss the caverns of solemnity from which their lighter sensibilities emerge. These two musicians have been feeding on the morsels that popular rock & roll has left behind, and washing it down with a swig of experimental electronics and a gulp of musique concrete. Their knowledge shows through when suddenly we find ourselves at that point where we want to hit rewind and hear that unforseen verse repeated yet again. When you find yourself frustrated that the last verse was indeed the last verse, take some consolation and rest in the longer stretches of abstraction, and keep in mind that Excavacations just might come back with another verse or two. How soon? Keep listening.

In Stock

Released 2011-02-07


Animal Psi review of Present Heap by Excavacations

We are pleased to have our recent Excavacations tape on Stunned reviewed on It seems the second “ca” in our name is very elusive. Be on the lookout for our new tape, Afternoon Future, coming very soon.

“Excavations (Nick Longworth and Chad Parsons) return with a second cassette for the label entitled ‘Present Heap’, an appropriate document of catch-up given the pair’s semi-structured sound and shapeless playlist. Briskly turning pages though never losing the story, untitled Side A moves through a variety of drones (warmly amplified), breakout post-music riffs (begging completion), passive vocal harmonies (begging to join), and friendly, domestic circuits bent at uplifting angles. Despite its diversions and rare coordination, this genuinely stunning grab of sounds manage to complement each other horizontally, in pieces. On the reverse more ambient accidents, teeming sea drones, a lost broadcast of some miraculous college rock b-sider (Bailter Space? Ganger?), and settling into extended psychedelic concussions both searing and motorific – it all works. Godspeed the next Excavations. Glossy, full-color J-cards and embossed tapes. Limited to 111 copies each. (Stunned cassette, $7 HERE)”

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