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Lucid Owls’ review of Excavacations S/T Stunned release

A very kind review:

Excavacations is weird. Not in the sense of weird like ‘wtf is happening now?’
Instead, it’s like
‘what the fuck did they just go from drone plethora to indie rock?’
And not in the mashup kind of way either that artists like pocahaunted and now new robedoor do. I guess i could throw in the rest of NNF label.
In general this is different from that. While i could without a doubt see Nnf putting out a more grown up release by these guys, they are too strange for most regular indie listeners, and too mainstream for the regular eclectic tape fanatic (at parts).
I’m really bewildered why it didn’t get much attention though. Even if i just explained why, maybe it did and i don’t know. Anyway. At times they go from deep and massive washes of sound with percussions. Then occasionally they fall into a something that resembles a song. Then they make indie pop songs. And the songs. Well they are actually great. These guys could seriously make indie songs instead and end up getting mass blog appeal slash woodsist signing.
On the second side, there are less pop songs, but the song that comes out sounds like what would happen when Animal Collective and Noel Gallager started jamming in a basement, and you were only left outside wondering how the hell it would sound, just making out bits.
I haven’t listened to it a lot, it’s a substantial length, but I am expecting it to be on regular.
They just got a tape out on Avant Archive which should be great considering the band has changed all that much within the span of two years.
Also, I find this to be a great release coinciding with my last post on Oli Oli Oxen Free. The albums are a lot different, with Oli Oli Oxen Free more on the pop side, but they both seem to be pushing the boundaries of when and where drone can be used and in amount. I know that there are ambient tracks along lots of albums, but their noiser and denser tracks are better then those on most ‘albums’. And the songs are great too. Idk enough of this.

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Animal Psi review of Present Heap by Excavacations

We are pleased to have our recent Excavacations tape on Stunned reviewed on It seems the second “ca” in our name is very elusive. Be on the lookout for our new tape, Afternoon Future, coming very soon.

“Excavations (Nick Longworth and Chad Parsons) return with a second cassette for the label entitled ‘Present Heap’, an appropriate document of catch-up given the pair’s semi-structured sound and shapeless playlist. Briskly turning pages though never losing the story, untitled Side A moves through a variety of drones (warmly amplified), breakout post-music riffs (begging completion), passive vocal harmonies (begging to join), and friendly, domestic circuits bent at uplifting angles. Despite its diversions and rare coordination, this genuinely stunning grab of sounds manage to complement each other horizontally, in pieces. On the reverse more ambient accidents, teeming sea drones, a lost broadcast of some miraculous college rock b-sider (Bailter Space? Ganger?), and settling into extended psychedelic concussions both searing and motorific – it all works. Godspeed the next Excavations. Glossy, full-color J-cards and embossed tapes. Limited to 111 copies each. (Stunned cassette, $7 HERE)”

From here:

Excavacations song featured on

Go here, , to see some nice photos and hear some nice sounds. Excavacations’ Yonsish is featured under Santa Barbara, I believe on page 2 right now.

Stunned podcast

Head over here , to Free Form Freakout to hear a podcast feature on Stunned Records.

Here’s the description from over there:

For this week’s webcast, we featured the music from the great Stunned Records based out in Portland, a label at the forefront of the current cassette underground. In addition to playing a bunch of tracks from throughout the Stunned catalog, including some earlier releases featured in the new Foundation Stones cassette boxset**, we aired our recent phone interview with Phil French. Phil runs the Stunned label with his wife Myste and is also active in the groups Magic Lantern and Super Minerals. Check out the Stunned website for more information.